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Health Management Tips

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Friday, July 10, 2009


Maintaining Healthy Living with Proper Stress Management

Are you burdened with stress on your daily life? Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to live healthily and happily on daily basis? Can you not live happily for a short season without drugs? If the above situations of health are your portion now, then you can remedy your situation by proper stress management.

Experts from different quarter have shown that healthy living is synonymous to good stress control. It is only imperative for an individual who wants to live healthily to maintain a stress free life all the time. Stress can be managed and health put in top form hence, a popular maxim that says that “caution is the leeway to long life and healthy living”. When caution is mentioned in this sense, it simply implies that taking care of the way life issues are handled in all facets of existence is necessary. If caution is exercised then in life, stress is put to hold and health plummets.

There are numerous approaches to proper health management via stress control but a few tips will be expounded in this article.

Observe and maintain your limit: You need to observe and maintain your limit in every task that you are involved in. This will make your body system to adjust normally to the days activities and hence function appropriately. When people overstretch themselves during the day at works, the consequence is impaired body system resulting from over worked brain cells. This situation can result in numerous health complications including brain fag which ultimately brings about mental derailment. Next time you are working and your body complains about stress, please give way to rest in order to maintain a healthy living.

Brainstorm difficult tasks: Your brain has a limit it can go in everything. This is the reason why brainstorming is a panacea to stress. The implication of this is that team work is an antidote to stress. Make it a point of duty to establish team spiritedness if you must remain healthy at work. Management of workplace stress can only be reduced when the use of brainstorming approach to problem solving is made a part and parcel of an organizational practice.

Create time for leisure: The act of leisure taking is an act of reprisal of accumulated stress in the body. You need some leisure at all times in your work life. This stress free time helps to rejuvenate the brain cells as the body relaxes over some fascinating natural or manmade scenes. You should be able to create that time as you work especially when some problems are keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Treat matters as they come: Pilling up of works is a sure way of stress accumulation. Weekly reports, outgoing files, incoming mails etc should be treated immediately they arrive or are due in order to forestall accumulation. When arrears of works set in, there is always a quest to clear the desk to prevent late report submissions and delayed operations. This scenario brings about stress filled days, weeks ,months or even years activities. The result of this is health problems due to compounded stress over the period.

Private time should be kept sacred: If you must keep healthy from occupational stress, you need to learn how to manage your time properly. There is a time for everything you know; hence time for your private life should not be utilized for official activities. This calls for finishing your day’s task in the office and retiring home to relax and not to continue another round of report writing and problem solving. It should be noted that the period you have for private life helps to channel your brain to entirely new area hence giving it some sort of ease and rejuvenation from what filled it during the daytime. Always cast out official matters out of your mind when you have closed for the day so as to minimize the stress accumulation in your body system.

Though there are lots of facts to discuss about health and stress management, it is only useful if you will follow simple guides to maintaining a stress free life. Moreover, if your health is already impaired by accumulated stresses over the years, you need to check out for professional advice on maintaining your health so that you can live longer.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Improving Business Performance with Inventory Management

Inventory control is a day-to-day practice in all fields of human endeavour, households, manufacturing firms, servicing firms etc. The ability to store or stock materials for the provision of goods and services is inventory control. It is a sure way of managing businesses to ensure that customers are satisfied and organizations remains in operation via minimization of losses. A reliable inventory system implies higher confidence of customers and their attendant continuous patronage.

Inventory in the industry includes production inputs like human, financial, equipment and raw materials. Other forms of inventory are spare parts and partially finished goods (work in process). Inventory is kept to meet independence of operations, variation in product demand and flexibility in production scheduling, variation in raw material delivery time and variation in economic purchase order-size

An inventory system provides the organizational structure and operating policies for maintaining and controlling goods to be stocked. An effective management of inventory system requires a means of keeping track of items in inventory and an appropriate way of making decisions about how much to order and when to order. Decisions about inventory in any establishment requires information about on-hand inventory level, demand information with regard to the forecasted quantity (with a consideration of the forecast errors), lead-time and lead-time variation, inventory holding costs, ordering costs and shortage cost. This information aids the inventory control manager in meeting the competitive advantage desired by the organization.

In this era of product obsolesce caused by reduced product life cycle, inventory system should inevitably conform to Just-In-Time (JIT) production philosophy to bring about reduced process lead-time for service provision . This situation warrants reduction of the work-in -process (W.I.P) inventory level to reduce holding cost hence maximizing service quality, utilization of product and on-time delivery of goods and service to designated customers. The inventory system is always conscious of meeting target at minimum W.I.P inventory level.

Good inventory control system always guards against stock-out, which results in an increase W.I.P inventory cost that affects the production process negatively. Better demand management through appropriate forecast of stock usage helps to maintain an optimal stock that will achieve a desirable cover against unforeseen variation in service provision. It will equally put the firm in a good position to follow the market-changing trend of goods and service provision without recourse to accruing losses brought about by high inventory level of obsolete materials.

When there is no discipline in planning operations in an organisation especially where the capacity is tight, there is always a problem of high number of expedited orders; stock-outs and customers service failures. This uneconomical production trend resulting from poor master production schedule (MPS) policies borders on poor inventory systems which did not embrace material requirement planning (MRP) principles in the formulation of explicit demands from organisations aggregate planning. When poor data management envelops an organisation, operations planning and control system, MPS decisions are found to be improper and inventory system is affected by the limited flow of information.

If efficient equipment maintenance operation will be achieved in the industry, the spare parts inventory should conform to explicit demand for the service provision. This implies that the service level of the firm will be duly considered in planning the level of inventory for maintaining the equipment. The efficiency of a plant/equipment in an industrial setting is a measure of the extent of downtime accruing from the component equipment. When downtime accrues on the equipment, the plant obviously malfunctions or breakdown and there is loss of revenue. In order to ensure prompt equipment maintenance and the attendant minimal downtime, critical levels of spare parts should be kept in accordance with the maintenance schedule of the equipment. This critical stock level is dependent on the demand rate, which may be a function of the equipment breakdown or frequency of preventive maintenance over a certain period.

In order to effectively manage inventory in any business, software will be utilized. This is because the human levity has the tendency of hampering the accuracy of the inventory controlled manually thereby affecting the business performance. When software is used in managing a business inventory flow, the entrepreneur will be in a position to predict with a high degree of certainty the expected income over a time frame. This is because most of the software has the ability to cost inventory inflow and outflow thereby making it easy to make categorical statement about the business profitability.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Fibroid Treatment in a New Dimension

The multiplicity of fibroid cases in our society today is calling for urgent attention. This ailment which in the past 15 years was not even known to many has become a household name among women. The frightening aspect of this development is that fibroid knows no boundaries at the present, the young and the old alike are susceptible to the ailment. Prior to this era of the popularity of the ailment, it was known to be strictly for few advanced women who did not conceive. In the present dispensation, I get surprised to see that ladies in their twenties are diagnosed of fibroid. The puzzle in the whole drama is that medical personnel are somewhat confused about the emerging trend. Some of them do not want to comment on the trend while others advice patients to continue to relay more on divine intervention.
Fibroid develops from the smooth muscular tissue of the uterus. It starts as a single cell and eventually multiplies by reproducing repeatedly to create a pale, firm, rubbery mass distinct from neighbouring tissue. The size could be very small such that the eye cannot visualize it however, when it is fully grown, it could cause the enlargement of the uterus in such a manner that the patient may look like a six month old pregnant woman. According to experts, the actual causes of the ailment are not known however, experience shows that they are generally due to genetic alterations. This is due to the alteration in the genes that code for the uterine muscle cells. Hormonal imbalance also could result in the development of fibroid. In a case where the pregnancy stimulating hormones are abnormally secreted in the uterine lining, fibroid is believed to develop. The presence of chemicals substances in form of drugs in the body can also result in the growth of fibroid.

The amazing discovery about this ailment is that medical science cannot authoritatively say that it originated from a definite source. This is one of the main reasons why fibroid is parading with multiple faces. Some experts claimed that the ease of conception for women with fibroid is not there while others believe that fibroid has nothing to do with conception. In reality, you begin to see both cases manifesting in different forms in different individuals. Consider a pregnant woman with three masses of fibroid in her womb alongside a baby. This situation supports the second claim that fibroid is not alien to pregnancy. In another case where a woman who cannot conceive for sometimes but conceived after a fibroid surgical operation. Though some may believe that it is her time to conceive but the absence of the fibroid may have given room for the conception. These cases go along way to prove the multiple faces of the ailment that has put womanhood on an edge today. Despite the opinion of medical science in general about this ailment, I am thinking that the makeup of this sickness is beyond human imagination. Be it as it may, I am a proselyte of divine intervention in medical cases. To this end, I think you may not look at the monstrous face of fibroid in your uterine wall but objectively trust in the strong and mighty hands of God that can change all situations.
Some women face other complications like miscarriage and preterm labour if they have fibroid during pregnancy. The issue of abnormal menstruations of women suffering from the ailment is no longer news as many have learnt to live with it. In most of the developing world were health care facilities are not sophisticated, women suffering from the problem are known to be afraid of open surgery due to the complications associated with it. Some die in the process while others have been deformed. To make matters worst, may who finished the surgery are referred to another one within a space of five years because the fibroid has grown back(depicting a poor professional touch in the first instance). Due to the agony of this multi-faced ailment, succour has been sought by people in many places (spiritual houses, hospitals, traditional healing homes, churches etc).
To foster quick recovery from the ailment, different medicament has been designed by medical science to tackle the ailment still the impact is not fully felt. In the case where the patients have enough money to continue with the therapies, it takes quite sometimes for them to fully recover. In different parts of the world, God has mysteriously given man the natural recipe for the cure of all ailments. Some of these recipes can effectively cure fibroid. There are also certain physical exercises and practices that have the tendency of reducing the effects of sickness in our bodies and eventually cause relief. To this end, I advocate that patients of fibroid should do their best to get information about the medicament that will be cost effective and have fewer side effects. These medicaments can be personally administered with little or no guide. It pays to reach out for the best that can keep you healthy at minimal side effect. Finally, God is the master healer, so always trust in him while you try out the instructions on how to get free from fibroid without toil.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Economic Satellite TV Service Provision

Today satellite TV service cannot be done without in many families around the world. Mornings, afternoons and evenings, programs are telecasted by these providers to capture the interest of viewers in music, politics, religion, tourism and culture, sports, education, science and technology etc. the programs have today become the life-wire of many folks around the world since they are fully reliant on their service providers for information dissemination.

The current trend in service provision whereby dishes, decoders, receivers, cables and other different gadgets are put together for either transmitting signals to the clients or receiving signals from the satellites are all good and better technology than the analogue system that is currently obsolete. This digitized system makes imaging on the television sets to be superb hence making satellite transmission a lot more attractive. In the current trend, people can spend as low as $100 to buy the dish and decoder from the favorite provider and pay an annual subscription as low as $200 ($16.67 per month) in the developing world. This cost of connection and subscription rate may be smaller in the advanced nations where more providers and competitiveness exists.
Comparing the cost mentioned above and the adduced gain of the satellite TV services, one can simply conclude that it is a good deal. Good deal indeed I think so but you need a better deal and even a best deal that allows your pocket more liquidity. These providers allow access to between 50 to 100 channels at the subscription rate of about $200 per annum. When you initially subscribe, the services of a technician is required to fix the dish, connect the decoder, run the cables, position the dish to the receiving longitude and latitude etc at a cost of about $65. This is a one-time payment however, on the event of shift of the dish or other minor technical hitches on the operation, the services of a technician will still be needed again.

You can see that the acclaimed economical satellite TV services may not necessarily be economical at the long run. Consider the recurring $16.67 monthly subscription and other maintenance cost that may accrue within one year, you can then believe with me that it is not that economical. Sometimes to make matters worst, the wind may damage the dish or lightening can affect the decoder warranting a replacement (this may cost about $50). It is noteworthy that the dishes and the decoders are immobile hence the satellite TV programs can only be enjoyed at home or at points they are mounted.
Today the trend is changed with the introduction of software that work with the internet facility to enable you to watch satellite TV programs on your personnel computers (PC) and laptops. This tested and proven software packages have the potentials of making your information reception via satellite TV channels in your house, office, anywhere you go without dish, decoder, cable etc. you only need an internet connection. I think that this innovation is most noble in making satellite TV signals receptions most convenient. Imagine using your laptop and PC to watch over 3000 satellite TV channels without toil. This software makes you the technician, the service provider and the user hence eliminating all the recurring expenditure accruing from subscriptions and sometimes repairs. If you consider a 3000 channel subscription from a satellite TV service provider, I think your monthly subscription will not be less than $150. Consider this economic satellite TV service provision that does not even require a TV set. You subscribe to nobody but only get the software that could cost lesser than your 3 months subscription. I think that this new way of watching satellite TV channels from over 170 countries in the world is the most economic way of information dissemination. Considering the need to spend less at this time of critical economic insolvency , the utilization of products that make you spend less and have enough satisfaction should be the ultimate goal.

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    Monday, June 15, 2009


    Obesity Mnagement the Easy Way

    The problem of obesity is causing many nations lots of money to combat due to the associated diseases. Many young people are getting obese by the day while the other overweight adults are graduating to obesity by the day. Despite the awareness campaigns, jingles on TV and radios and other health related flyers everywhere regarding obesity and the associated problems, many more people are still falling into the class. What do you think is the problem? How do you think this problem will be solve and when can obesity free society be celebrated? These and other myriads of questions have been asked about obesity in many quarters yet no answers have been found. In the faces of many evidences of health complications of the obese in the society, many people still fall into that category despite their desire to keep fit and look smart. In reality, this medical condition is a hydra-headed monster that deserves a proactive measure to be overcome.

    Obesity can be managed the easy way for conscious people with some degree of determination. Firstly, the awareness of the ease of overweight and the resultant obesity in the long run should be the initial principle of easy management. When efforts are channelled by anybody towards keeping fit, fitness naturally follows since determination is enshrined. When a man is fully aware, the next thing is to tread cautiously. How can you tread cautiously? It only involves following the pros and cons of keeping fit everyday to maintain a healthy living and appropriate weight.

    The pros and cons of maintaining a normal weight involves but not limited to the following practices:
    1. Only eat food when it is necessary i.e. when hungry. This implies that you should not eat for pleasure but for strength.
    2. Eat moderately and with enough roughage. The roughage helps your colon and makes your body to absorb only small hence minimizing the tendency of overweight and obesity.
    3. Exercise regularly. This implies that sedentary living should be reduced and enough time created even if it is for very mild exercises.
    4. Avoid over consumption of proteins especially as an adult over the age of forty.
    5. Much intake of carbohydrate should also be controlled.
    The list is so enormous and cannot be exhausted in this discussion.

    Though the above precautions are meant to keep you away from getting overweight or obese, the question is then how about the people who are already suffering from obesity? You simply need a step by step instruction on how you can get out of the shame, insults and humiliation associated with your condition. You remember that you did not become obese overnight hence a lot of instructions in addition to the ones highlighted above will be the remedy for your problem. Since you are interested in losing the weight, you should be ready to follow all the practical and natural principles that will result in a massive loss of weight. You should not be surprise that there are many natural recipes behind your house that will aid you in reducing your weight and keep fit. You should only be curious about solution to the obesity problem and you will have an easy management tips handed down to you.

    Finally, it is noteworthy that starvation has not been the solution to obesity and overweight as researches have proved that those who go the way of fasting as a control measure finally end up increasing their weights. This is because after fasting is ended, the people naturally have increased appetite for food and guess what happens, a swift return to status quo. The remedy to overweight and obesity is to get those simple but effective advices from the right quarters.
    The problem of overweight and obesity is making both individuals and government to spend a lot of resources. To combat this problem, there is need for a conscious effort of the individual to reduce weight via exercising, moderate eating habit and other tips that have the ability to manage your weight effectively and affordably.
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    Saturday, June 13, 2009



    The proliferation of satellite television services in the latter part of the 20th century has undoubtedly impacted positively to the socio-economic development of the world. The satellite TV technology which was meant for advanced nations and the rich as a quick means of transmitting digital information to home television sets has come to the reach of the poor and lowly in the developing nations of the world.
    The spread of satellite TV services in many countries of the world today has brought about socio-economic developments in the following areas:
    1. Increase in revenue generation
    2. Promotion of cultural values
    3. Information dissemination in science and technological advancements
    The revenue base of many nations has increased due to their ability to export different aspects of their cultural heritage via satellite TV networks. For instance, the Washington Post reported that international sales of American entertainment and software products totalled $60.2 billion in 1996, more than any US industry ( Washington Post, Oct 25, 1998, P. A01). The revenue accruing from the Nigerian entertainment industry the “Nollywood” is increasing by the day due to the demand for the firms from this industry in different parts of Africa, Europe and America. The South African satellite TV station (DSTV) is increasing the country’s earning via satellite TV coverage of most African countries. Jobs have been provided for hundreds of thousands of persons who are directly or indirectly employed by these stations as journalists, engineers, technician, advertisers, etc. The stations also pay different revenues and tax to the government .
    With satellite TV , many cultures in the world are able to transmit their identities far and wide. This has made it possible for communities, government and non-governmental agencies to promote their ancient cultural heritages to all and sundry.
    Lots of invaluable information about science and technology have been easily passed through satellite TV to viewers all over the world. For instance, the popular SARS, bird flu and at present the swine flu epidemics have been promptly telecasted by different satellite TV stations and appropriate precautionary measures handed down to travellers and other inhabitants of the globe on how to forestall attack of the pandemic.
    In some parts of the world where tyranny by government has been on the increase, the continual criticism by opposition groups via popular satellite TV stations has helped to check the excesses of such government officials.
    From this discussion, it will be nice for the critics of satellite TV services to have a rethink knowing well that its advantages are enormous. It is necessary for us to look at these advantages as enough reason for its promotion while we do our best to inculcate better moral virtues that will make the youths to shun the negative impacts of satellite TV programs.

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